Dun Laoghaire Harbour Ireland – had a problem with dog fouling on the popular harbour wall walk. After making ‘I Love My Dog’ poop-scoops available via the dispensers not only has the problem vanished, but the scheme more than pays for itself against the clean-up costs.

Hartlepool BC – Installed the Dog Stop’s dispenser and bin combination. These are helping to maintain the town’s cleanliness and blue beach status.

Dublin (Ireland) – A citywide scheme using the Dog stop dispenser and bin combination. A show piece installation of 30 Dog Stops and 20 Dispensers. Designed to eradicate the effects of fouling completely, and yet be environmentally sensitive.

National Trust – Used on the Trust’s sites throughout the UK. Distributed from the display boxes at site entrances.

English Heritage – Used on sites all over the Country. Distributed from the Display Boxes at site entrances.

The Major London Police Force – We can’t name them, but the Police must also obey the fouling laws. So the ideal, compact, effective and ‘green’ choice was obvious and keeps them at the right side of the law.

Quorn Parish Council –A loyal customer for many years. Direct local action here, providing scoops on an ‘as needed’ basis, has transformed local paths and public areas.

Lido Beach Holiday Park – To keep the site free of fouling, whilst accepting visitors with dogs, ‘I Love My Dog’ poop-scoops are made available to all. The free sticker service promotes the park on every scoop used.